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Windsurf Foiling

By now you’ve seen the pictures and videos, maybe there is even someone at your local sailing spot who has one. Foils are the trendy new thing on the windsurfing scene...but is it going to last, or is it just a fad? We believe that foils are the future of windsurfing (and other water sports as well, such as surfing and SUP). For windsurfing, the efficiency gains in light wind are really game changing. As a long time formula racer, Britt says

“I can be foiling with an 105 liter foil board and a 7.0m foil sail in in 5-6 knots of wind. That is before I could be planing on a formula board with a 12.0m sail. And on a foil I have the maneuverability that you would expect from a wave board - tight jibes and lots of carving. Plus I get the feeling of snowboarding or skiing on a powder day. A floating feeling that reminds me of snowboarding in waist deep powder - it is a silent, floaty, flying sensation.”

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On your first day foiling, be prepared to be in the water more than you might be used to!  Because you can foil in light wind, you will be uphauling the sail to get going (you can foil in much less wind than you can waterstart in).  Falling down and uphauling doesn't mean you are failing - it means you are learning.  Dress for being in the water a bit more than usual and be prepared to be out of the harness most of the time on your first day.
Don’t forget to bring sunscreen and drinking water with you.  

Foiling lessons are available all year long, 7 days a week - just give us a call at 727.656.6569 or send us an e-mail to schedule yours!
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Windsurf Rentals Include:

Board and Rig

Windsurf Rental Prices:

$95/Half Day Foil Gear
Wetsuits rent for $10

For more information click here and for multi-day rentals, call us at 727-656-6569.