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Windsurfing Lessons in Florida

Windsurfing Lessons

The Tampa/St Pete area is one of the best places in the entire United States to learn how to windsurf! We can windsurf all year, but our windy season is generally mid-October through mid-May, with February, March, and April being the most reliable. Summer months bring light afternoon sea breezes (generally less than 12 mph). Our local sailing sites include bayside, flat-water locations with shallow water that are perfect for learning new skills. We have professional instructors with the experience to get you going on the water in no time. Click here to see what to expect for your first windsurfing lesson.

Beginner Lessons

Our 3-hour beginner lesson will get you started windsurfing with a step-by-step system of on-land training and on the water practice. You will learn the basics of getting going and how to turn around.

Private Lesson $190

Progress at your own pace with the full attention of your instructor.
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Group Lesson $125/person

Perfect for families or friends who want to learn together. 2-6 students per instructor.
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Beginner Windsurf Foil Lessons

 Our 2-hour lesson will introduce you to foiling with some on the beach training and on the water practice, We will introduce you to foil gear, go over foil setup and tuning, safety, stance, and the basics of foiling. You should be flying around on your first day and working on tacks and jibes. *Please note that you need to know how to windsurf first before learning how to windsurf foil.*

2 Hours - $190/person

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Advanced Windsurf Foil Lessons

You’ve got the basics down and want to take your foiling skills to the next level. Whether you are working on perfecting certain moves or ready to learn some new ones, our instructors are ready to help take your foil progression to the next level. 

2 Hours - $190/person

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Windsurfing Lessons in Tampa Bay

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