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Welcome to our windsurfing page

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Welcome to Our Windsurfing Page

windsurf race

Think of windsurfing as riding your own mini sailboat! With regular surfing, you are using the speed of the wave to move you, but with windsurfing, you are using the wind in the sail — which gives you a lot more freedom.

“Windsurfing gives you the sensation of the wind in the palm of your fingertips.”

girl learning to windsurf in windsurf lesson


We offer lessons, clinics and kids programs for people of all ages. Windsurfing lessons are available 6 days a week, by appointment - call us at 727.656.6569 or click below to sign up!
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windsurf rental gear


If you already know how to windsurf and want to get out on the water while you are on vacation or try out different size boards or sails to figure out what to buy - we can help you out too!  Our rental trailer will meet you at one of a variety of locations for the best conditions for your ability and goals and the current wind direction.  More information and prices on windsurfing rentals can be found here.