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Wing Foiling in St. Pete Florida

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Have you ever dreamt of flying? Live the dream, learn to wing! 

Wing Foiling is an exciting way to go and have some fun on the water.  You may have seen some wings flying around your local spot and have gotten foil curious.  Wing foiling is a blast!  We have been loving it.  You feel like you are weightless as you fly over the water.  Wings are not a new invention but have really taken off with the advancement of hydrofoils.  Foil wings are designed more like a kite, handle more like a windsurf sail and integrate some fun elements of surfing.  You are flying around on a foil board holding an inflatable wing - which is capturing the power of the wind which makes you fly.  Whether you want to race, chase waves and swell, go for backflips or just fly around your local spot - we have the gear and expertise to get you flying. 

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What experience do I need to learn how to wing?
If you’ve kited, windsurfed, foiled, or surfed before - you have a head start on learning to wing, but will still need to keep an open mind for a new experience.  If you have no prior wind sports or foiling experience - that’s perfectly OK.  As with learning anything new, you just need to go try it out.  Foiling itself seems to be the most challenging part of the learning curve but is by no means impossible, and the payoff is well worth it.  The days you spend frustrated at yourself in the water are far surpassed by the moments when you start to foil- which feels like absolute magic.

What gear do I need?

In the beginning, the best way to start learning how to handle the wing is with a SUP board (preferably with a SUP WINDer attached) or a beginner windsurf board with a center fin. These big floaty boards allow you to focus on learning how to handle the wing. This will also help you see the relationship between the wing and your body and how they drive the board underneath your feet. Having a center fin allows you to go upwind which means you can sail back to the beach you started at - instead of walking back to the beach you started at. Once you are ready for foiling, here is generally what you need:

-Foil board
-Board and wing leashes
-Kite pump

We carry several brands for each and can help you pick the perfect gear whether you are just learning or looking to advance your skills. Each wing handles a bit differently and foils are so modular that you can get something customized for exactly what you need.

Where to go next...

If you’re looking for some instruction - we have instructors that have no problem telling you what to do. If it’s your very first time with a wing in your hands or if you are just trying to get some moves perfected, we’d love to help! Lessons are always customized to your experience and how quickly you are learning.

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